Benefits of Increasing the Hot Air Velocity of Dryer

Sludge Dryer

The causes of various problems in slime dryer the heat transfer efficiency of the material in the dryer cylinder will directly determine the degree of material drying effect. Based on years of experience, Linqu sun summed up the advantages of improving the hot air velocity of the dryer.
1、 Increasing the flow rate of hot gas and the flow rate of hot gas can increase the working efficiency of the lifting plate.
2、 It is very important to increase the velocity of hot air to speed up the speed of hot air.
3、 In order to improve the speed of hot air flow, it is necessary to design a reasonable exhaust and dust removal system at the end of the dryer and a heating air system at the head end.
4、 The total pressure and air volume of the exhaust fan must be appropriate. If the total pressure is too low and the air volume is too small, it will directly affect the exhaust and reduce the output of the dryer; if the total pressure is too high and the air volume is too large, it will directly increase the power consumption, and also make the temperature of the exhaust gas from the fan rise a lot, increasing the heat loss.
5、 For heating, increase the temperature of the furnace body.
6、 The speed and flow rate of hot air flow and drying effect of the dryer will be directly sensed during operation. The drying speed of the dryer is also affected by the hot air flow. Controlling the hot air flow plays a decisive role in drying materials.
7、 Strengthen the heat preservation of the cylinder, use the boiling furnace to heat supply, increase the temperature difference between atmosphere and solid phase, and increase the temperature gradient.
8、 Increase the heating area of solid phase.
9、 Increase the hot gas flow rate of the dryer and increase the hot gas flow rate.