Causes of Material Overheating in Slime Dryer

River Sand Dryer

Causes of material overheating in slime dryer

  1. When the air velocity in the drying chamber is too low, the outside droplets are first dried. Because the initial velocity of the fog group is much higher than the gas velocity, the dry powder will enter the high temperature zone after the formation of up swirl, and the products will deteriorate after high temperature.
  2. The temperature of tail gas is too high. Many rotary drying products can be separated after entrainment with the tail gas. Therefore, the temperature of tail gas directly affects the product temperature. There is a relative temperature difference between them. Generally, the temperature of tail gas is about 10-30 ℃ higher than that of the product. If the tail gas temperature is high, the product temperature must be high. If the temperature exceeds the heat resistance temperature of the product, the product will overheat and deteriorate.