Three Cylinder Dryer

The rotary three cylinder dryer is an energy-saving product improved on the basis of single drum rotary dryer. Hongke specializes in the production of three drum dryer, and provides technical consultation on the price and equipment of three drum dryer. The rotary three cylinder dryer improves the internal structure of the original single drum dryer, increases the drying of wet materials before entering the machine and prolongs the drying time of wet materials in the dryer, Combined with sealing, moisturizing and reasonable supporting measures, the production capacity of dryer is greatly improved


The rotary three cylinder dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving product based on the single drum rotary dryer. Compared with the original single drum dryer, the production capacity of the rotary three cylinder dryer is increased by 50-80%, the evaporation intensity per unit volume can reach 120-180kg / m3, and the standard coal consumption is only 6-8kg / T. It has advanced technology, reasonable operation parameters and simple and feasible operation.
Three cylinder dryer can be widely used in various industries such as slag, clay, coal, iron powder, mineral powder and other mixed materials, dry mixed mortar of construction industry, yellow sand, chemical industry, casting and other industries.

Main features of three cylinder dryer

1. With less floor space and less basic investment, it is only half of the same output of single drum dryer, reducing the one-time investment;
2. With compact structure, simple structure and reasonable layout, the heat exchange rate between materials and heat energy is improved, and the drying effect of materials is good;
3. The fuel can adapt to coal, oil and gas. It can bake block material, granular material and powder material below 20 mm;
4. The final moisture content of the material is less than 0.5%, which is the product of dry mixed mortar and slag powder production line;
5. The final moisture index can be easily controlled according to the user’s requirements;
6. The outlet gas temperature is low and the dust removal equipment is used for a long time.
The three cylinder dryer is mainly used for drying granular materials within a certain humidity range, such as yellow sand, molding sand, slag, coal slag, small particle clay, and other small particle materials not afraid of high temperature and dust. The moisture content of the dried material can reach below 1-0.5%.
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